Creating Symmetry With Your iPhone

Symmetry or asymmetry? Which one most often attracts your eye? I recently read an article on How to Find and Create Amazing Symmetry in Your iPhone Photography on the iPhone Photography School Blog. It really got me thinking which way I “see” the world!...

Get Down on the Ground

Have you ever gotten down on the ground, flat on your stomach to take a photo? I know it may not be the most comfortable of positions, but I want to challenge you to give it a try. That’s how I took the photo above.  I was taking a walk in my neighborhood...

Fall Photo Trip on Display

Ever have one of those weeks where you were either too busy or too tired to plan properly? Well, that’s me these past few weeks.  I failed to plan a post ahead of time so I am sitting here in the coffee shop trying to catch up!  I knew I wanted to go on...

A Walk on the Appalachian Trail For Charity

I am so excited to share about and introduce my special friend, Amy Taylor.  She grew up in Beulah, ND and that is where I met her and her family.  Her grandparents were members of our church in Beulah. She recently shared with us that she is planning and...

Macro Photography with a Drop of Water

How are the Fall colors in your part of the world? Have you been out and about to photograph the leaves/trees yet? Is it too wet out to muck about in the forest? Have you ever tried macro photography? Well...have I got an idea for you! It has been raining...

15-Minute Fall Photo Challenge

It. Is. Here! My favorite time of the year! Cool, crisp days Warm colors everywhere A desire to get out and chronicle the changing colors around me Long, lazy drives through the country...ooohing and ahhhhing Warm, reflected light Cornfields with 10-foot...

Storytelling with Photos...

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About Me

I am an artistic photographer with an eye for color, line, and composition.  I’m always looking for new ways to tell stories with my photos. I am skilled in post-processing using both Lightroom and Photoshop to make my photos more artistic and pleasing.  I have an Elementary and Special Education dual degree from the University of Northern Colorado…but these days I use my teaching skills to help beginning photographers learn how to compose better photos, process them digitally, and tell their stories visually.

What I Do

So, let me guess.  You found your way here because…

  • You’ve lost your mojo and can’t seem to get inspired to take interesting photos anymore
  • You want to figure out how to put more emotion into your photos so they will connect with your viewers to tell a story
  • You would like to learn how to use photoshop to make your photos more artistic, but learning photoshop scares you

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.
~Ansel Adams

Photo of the Day

This week’s photo was captured by my very good friend and mother of our God-son Erik, Leila Preston. We have known one another for many years and have many interests in common including being Pastor’s wives, weaving and photography. She and her husband have just retired and took a special vacation visiting several National Parks in Utah and Colorado. This photo was taken in Canyonlands. What a beautiful vista of God’s creation and a great landscape composition with great foreground interest. Well done, Leila.

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Grandma and baby looking out a window

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