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Paula Nyman
  • A “creative”, passionate about God’s creation around me and how I can capture that beauty and share it with others.
  • An artistic photographer with an eye for color, line, and composition. I’m always looking for new ways to tell stories with my photos.
  • Skilled in post-processing using both Lightroom and Photoshop to make my photos more artistic and pleasing.
  • Degrees: Elementary and Special Education dual degree from the University of Northern Colorado…but these days I use my teaching skills to help beginning photographers learn how to compose better photos, process them digitally, and tell their stories visually.

I was a scrapbook consultant with a company called I Remember When.  I absolutely loved chronicling our family’s stories with photos, color, and design.  As my digital skills improved, I found myself doing mostly digital scrapping, which by the way I had always said would never take the place of my hands-on scrapping!  This of course, led to an increased interest in photography.


I have to credit my father-in-law, Virgil Nyman, for getting me into photography. One summer, I tried his Olympus E-510 DSLR and I was hooked. I purchased my own, took photography classes online and got involved in Project 365 where I took a photo every day.


I am finishing up a Web Design certificate of study at Sessions College of Professional Design. I also am exploring various ways of creating Photo Art in Sebastian Michael’s Photoshop Artistry Course, taking both the regular course and the editing course at the iPhonePhotography School, as well as Mobile Art Mastery Course by Susan Tuttle.


I am married to the love of my life, Kris. He is a pastor in the AFLC (Association of Free Lutheran Congregations). We live in Hagerstown, MD where we moved in November of 2014.  Kris pastors a small AFLC Home Missions congregation, Christ Community Church.  We have one beautiful daughter, Annika, who is married to Tyler Koep.  They just had our first grandchild, Lewis Dale Koep on December 31, 2016!

I love God and am a child of Jesus and I want to bring glory to God in all that I do! I believe God has given me unique gifts and abilities to find the beauty in life and nature through the lens of a camera and telling a visual story with them.

Check out my What I Do page to see just how I can help you!

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