Have you ever been to the Arctic?

Have you ever photographed wild animals up close?

Ever pulled a sled that probably weighed 100 pounds while snowshoeing across the snow?

Neither have I, and I doubt I ever will but I can live vicariously through the amazing wildlife photographer Vincent Munier.

I want to continue my study this week of photographic masters by taking a look at the Frenchman, Vincent Munier.  Feast your eyes on this gallery of screenshots I took from his video about his trip to the Arctic.  It is an amazing video.  I watched it through 2 times and I plan to go back for more!  While you are watching, I want you to really open your eyes and look at the following:


  • the way he frames the elements in his photo
  • the play of light and shadows
  • the interesting points of view he shoots from
  • his use of white space
  • the idea of less is better in the frame
  • the focus and in contrast, the bluriness of some of the elements in the frame
  • the mystery of the Arctic
  • how he tells a story with his photos
  • the eyes of the wolves, for instance, that just compel you to look deeper and draw you into the photo

Take-away From This Study

Now, I don’t expect you to book the next plane for the Arctic, but I do want to encourage you to begin practicing seeing

  • the beauty
  • the angles
  • the lines
  • the space
  • the patterns
  • the geometric shapes
  • the light and shadows, and
  • the mystery around you

Where. You. Are. Now.

Go for a walk, taking your camera with you and look all around you, including in back of you!  Take lots of photos trying different angles, points of view, framing, etc.  Let us know how your adventure went in the comments below!

And be sure you watch Vincent’s video on his trip to the Arctic.

Grandma and baby looking out a window

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