Have you heard the phrase, “I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up”?

Have you said the phrase yourself?

I often jokingly tell people this when they ask me where I work since I am currently not working “outside the home.”

But if I’m honest, I’m really not joking. Ever since I stopped teaching in the public schools (which I did after only 3 years and which was what I was trained for) I think this phrase describes my life.

And for a long time I was a bit ashamed of this. Between leaving my teaching job in the public school and now, I have probably tried no less than 10 different paying jobs including:

  • Assistant Postmaster in a small town
  • Assistant Librarian
  • Assistant in a drugstore Pharmacy
  • Greenhouse worker
  • Salesperson in an antique store
  • Office manager/receptionist in a Chiropractic office (2 different times/places)
  • Photographic technician in a drugstore photo lab
  • Handling the books/paying bills for a small business owner
  • Floral designer in a flower shop
  • Bereavement and Volunteer Coordinator for Hospice

And this doesn’t even include my “non-paying” jobs I’ve had as a Pastor’s wife in the various churches my husband and I have ministered for.

I’m no longer ashamed of these varied jobs I’ve had…rather I like to look at them as a “proving ground” for what God is doing in my life! These jobs allowed me to use my gifts and creative skills in many ways.

This leads me to my present endeavor with this Photo Blog. I’ve been a “creative” all my life, trying many different creative hobbies. God has given me my creative abilities and I want to use them for His glory.

I’ve dabbled in photography for many years now, but knew I wanted to do more with it than just being a hobby or selling the occasional photo. This Blog gives me a chance to blend my love of teaching with my love of Photography and help and serve people at the same time, hopefully pointing them to the “Ultimate Creator”.

So, my first, and most important inspiration has been God!

There have also been several people who have influenced me in photography:

  • My husband, Kris (who let me experiment with his 35 mm camera) and who has constantly been an encouragement for me in whatever I do
  • My father-in-law, Virgil, who had a DSLR and let me borrow it which got me hooked on photography
  • Katrina Kennedy from Capture Your 365, who inspired me to take a photo-a-day (which I did for ALMOST a full year) and really pushed me outside the box

But as I have said before, I have finally realized that photography is more than just learning how to use a camera and taking that “perfect” photo. The most important tool is the person behind the camera! And the person who has most recently inspired me in this direction and whose ideology helped me come up with the name for this Photo Blog is David duChemin.

David is described on his website as:

“…a world & humanitarian assignment photographer, best-selling author, digital publisher, and international workshop leader whose nomadic and adventurous life fuels his fire to create and share. Based in Victoria, Canada, when he’s home, David leads a nomadic life chasing compelling images on all 7 continents.


When on assignment David creates powerful images that convey the hope and dignity of children, the vulnerable and oppressed for the international NGO community. Past clients include World Vision, Save the Children, and the BOMA Project.


Drawing on a previous career in comedy, David is a dynamic and engaging itinerant presenter and educator. A driven artist, creative professional, entrepreneur and life-long adventurer, David educates and inspires through stunning visuals and hilarious travel stories, and insights, from a life spent outside and abroad.”

I love that David is an artist, a creative, an adventurer, and an educator. His e-Book, The Photographic Story, is really the inspiration behind the name of and direction for my blog. You will find that I quote him quite a lot and I hope you will check out his other publications.

He can also be found on Instagram. You can find his portfolio here.

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I recently posted a comment on one of David’s blog posts where he said this:

“A couple years ago I wrote what I now consider to be the first of my two most personal – and I think important – books: A Beautiful Anarchy: When the Life Creative Becomes the Life Created.” 

I wanted to know what the second book was and he replied back to me:

“You asked about the other book I considered my most personal and that’s my most recent: The Soul of The Camera. For some reason I felt particularly free while writing it…to be honest about what I felt really made stronger photographs, free from all the usual jargon about gear and settings.”

I visited his sales page for this book and found this quote:

“If you’re stuck. If you’re tired of shortcuts and platitudes and you want to make deeper images, images that touch hearts, and stir the imagination, then this book is for you. If you have this feeling that there’s a vast difference both between focusing a lens and focusing attention, and between exposing a sensor and exposing your soul, this book is for you.”

By the way, the featured image above is from David’s most recent blog post.  Be sure to click through and listen to a special video on “Making Images That Connect”.

One final quote from David:

“Vision is the beginning and end of photography. It’s the thing that moves you to pick up a camera, and it determines what you look at and what you see when you do. It determines how you shoot and why. Without vision, the photographer perishes”

I hope you’ve been inspired!

So, if you are still working on what you want to do when you grow up, don’t despair!

Don’t let fear get in your way…it can paralyze you!

  • Keep looking,

  • adventuring,

  • seeking,

  • visioning,

  • touching hearts, and

  • stirring imaginations!


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