I am getting back into Instagram after quite a long vacation!  I’m even taking a class to learn how to leverage Instagram for my business…how cool is that?  You can find me on IG here!

I am finding so many wonderful photographers on Instagram that I decided to highlight some every month.  I invite you to really study these photographers to see why they made the decisions they did in their very intentional captures. So here is my first installment.


The first one is Pierre Pelligrini, an Italian born in Switzerland.  His work is mostly in Black and White and very minimalist.  His photo here is a Long exposure waterscape entitled “Weft“.  (Click on the photo and you will go right to the page on his website highlighting this photo.) He uses the following camera formats (I am going to have to look these up to really understand what they are…that’s how amazing he is):

  • Long exposure Medimu
  • Polonoid Instant film
  • Lomography
  • Pinholegraphy

He seems to be an expert in creating a mood and that is huge in getting the viewer’s interest and telling a story!  He also has a website that you can check out.

The second photographer is Jose Luis Barcia.  He, too, is very intentional in his captures and is an expert at isolating his compositions to the essentials.  He takes both color and B&W and concentrates on capturing candid portraits in the street. You can also check him out on Daily Motion. I wasn’t able to post one of his photos here, so just click on one of the above links to see his work.

Finally, I want to showcase Brad Barker.  He found me early on and liked my work so I started following him.  He is all about landscapes with many captures of old buildings, bridges, etc.  Here is how he describes himself in his profile:  “Christian, proud father, chilihead and backyard bbqer, that’s into a little bit of everything.”

Grandma and baby looking out a window

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