I am taking an online course through the iPhone Photography School taught by Emil Pakarklis.

Did you know that you can lock in the focus on a particular part of your photo composition just by tapping and holding on that area?  Be sure to hold it long enough for the AF/AE  caption to appear near the top of your photo. Then a small yellow box appears with a slider for adjusting the exposure.  It gives a very sharp focus to the focal point and a gentle blur to areas further away as you can see in the photo above that I took in Hagerstown City Park yesterday.

I then did some basic edits on my iPad (it could be done on your phone as well) using the Snapseed app.  So this photo was completely done on my mobile devices.  When you are out and about like I was, or find yourself in an important moment with friends and family that demands a photo, you’ve got it made if you have your phone with you! Your photo gets it’s story told no matter what!

Your turn now:  Did you know about this focus/exposure tip for your iPhone?  If so, please share your photos where you have used this feature before in the comments section below.  If not, do you have more questions?  Go out and give it a try and come back to post your comment!

Grandma and baby looking out a window

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